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Mama Holiday's

Mama Holiday is a passionate mother who shares her values with the world.  Take a look at some of her recent videos that illustrate her generosity and commitment to achieving goals. 

Mama Holiday -  Raising J. Holiday  - Book Signing


Mama Holiday has written several books with plans to release new material as she pursues many different avenues including children's books and sequels for her biographical books.  This video illustrates her most popular book, to date, Raising J. Holiday. 

Mama Holiday & J. Holiday - EEI Award Ceremony


As a humanitarian, Mama Holiday contributes her wisdom to both young and older people for the purpose of significant progression and success.  The Economic Empowerment Initiative (EEI) aims to educate high school and college students about the fundamentals of financial literacy and the development of intelligent consumers and producers.  Mama Holiday won an award for all of her perpetual efforts throughout the world - for all of her contributions.

Mama Holiday @ m'Jestie's


Mama Holiday is always open to giving organizations and special guest events a great interview.  Here at M'Jestie's, Mama Holiday enjoys some good R&B, Soul, and Jazz music with the members of M'Jestie's  

Mama Holiday Inspires

Mama Holiday has an overflow of goals and hope that fuel a diverse and vast amount of different communities - around the world.  Take an interpersonal look at Mama Holiday in ministry and 'tea time' with her grandchildren. 

Stay on your path, and don't give up - because god's not going to leave you.

- Mama Holiday

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